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Gut Cleansing Foods To Detox Your Colon Naturally

Our digestive system or in layman’s terms, our gut is the set of organs responsible for the processing of food and transforming the food so that our body can extract the nutrients.

Therefore, gut cleansing foods plays a key role to improve our gastrointestinal tract, detox our colon, flush toxic substance and help our body absorb maximum energy.

Natural Methods, And Gut Cleansing Foods That Works!

The colon is responsible for eliminating water, salt, as well as vitamins and nutrients from the food that the body did not finish digesting, so it is very important that it works properly.

We will look into easy and natural ways to detox the colon, as we also discuss top foods that would help to cleanse your gut.

Apple Juice

According to the specialists, it is one of the most effective natural elements to eliminate the stored residues in the colon, since it stimulates intestinal movements.

It also brings some properties to the liver that optimize its functioning during the digestion process.

Therefore, doing a colon cleansing with apple juice is one of the best home remedies. Doing this cleaning requires fresh and organic apples.

Pumpkin Seeds

Throughout the day we can eat 30 raw pumpkin seeds to eliminate possible intestinal parasites that we may have.

Natural Yogurt

This food has properties that help to improve digestion and prevent the intestines from becoming inflamed.

It also strengthens the colon, helping it to carry out its functions in an appropriate manner, prevent our gut from accumulating waste that makes us gain weight or produce toxins.

Fiber Rich Foods

They stimulate intestinal activity and cleanse the gut from all those harmful toxins.

Always include in your diet fiber-rich foods such as black beans, chia seeds, raspberries, lentils, green peas, and pears.

Sea Salt

It is an element that works as a laxative. Mix a tablespoon of this salt in a glass with water and boil it.

You should drink this mixture in the morning and later in the day, relax and perform an abdominal massage.

It is recommended to do it once a week. Although it is not recommended for people with high blood pressure.

Aloe Vera

All you need is a large sheet of aloe vera, a lemon, and 2 cups of filtered water.

Rinse your sheet and remove the skin. Then cut into small pieces and place your aloe in a blender. Add the lemon juice and 2 cups of water.

Then, mix at low power or measure for about 30 seconds. Its benefit is to cleanse the digestive tract maintaining the natural intestinal flora.


Seaweed is considered a sea vegetable and is considered a superfood because of its high nutritional value.

Examples of algae are spirulina, chlorella, and blue and green algae.

These natural probiotic foods have shown an increase in the amount of lactobacillus and bifidobacteria in the gastrointestinal tract.


Bananas have a lot of fiber so they are an excellent natural laxative, a must in your gut cleansing foods list.

In addition, banana helps to promote digestion. They also have a wonderful nutrient in abundance, that is potassium.


They are the “laxative number one”, rich in potassium, vitamin A, fibers, and iron.

They offer, in turn, a substrate for the beneficial bacteria that are in the intestines, being very good for cleansing the colon.

Drink A Lot Of Water

Water will help you eliminate toxins from your body.

Generally, we need to drink at least one and a half-liter of water daily. Colon hydrotherapy basically fills your bowel with water to clean it and make it come out any waste that is found.

Notes For The Use Of Laxatives To Cleanse Your Gut Properly

During this week we must be very strict with food to obtain good results in such a short time. For this, we must eliminate the following foods from our diet:

  • Cereals and refined flours, as well as their bakery and pastry products: we will replace them with whole grain and flour, with their natural fiber.
  • White sugar and sugary drinks: we will use honey, cane honey, brown sugar, or brown sugar. We can drink natural juices without sugar.
  • Refined and fried oils: we will choose olive oils or coconut first cold pressure and consume them without frying, raw.
  • Red meat and sausages: we can consume white meat, fish, eggs, and legumes as main sources of protein.
  • Milk and dairy products: the only exception is cottage cheese or fresh cheese, possibly from goat or sheep. We can also take vegetable drinks of oats, rice, millet, spelled, etc.
  • We will also do without coffee and tobacco.

If you choose to try colon cleansing, take the following precautions:

  • First consult your doctor, especially if you take medications or have health problems, such as kidney or heart disease.
  • Excessive cleaning can cause the elimination of intestinal flora, causing malabsorption syndrome.
  • If you have gastritis, avoid citrus fruits.
  • If you have high blood pressure, apply a low-salt diet.